22nd January 2021

Wellbeing Tips for Positivity & Teenage Resilience

Navigating your teenage years is pretty tough. It always has been, but it’s become even tougher with the appearance of technology and social media! It’s important, now more than ever before, that in order for us to raise positive and resilient teenagers, we make a concerted effort to create space and time for them to connect with and learn to nurture their wellbeing.

5 Wellbeing Tips for More Positivity & Teenage Resilience

  1. Encourage and make time for rest: The temptation to fill your teenager’s schedule to the brim in an effort to “keep them out of trouble” is well intentioned but it can lead to stress, frustration and burn out. It’s important that teenagers, just like children and adults also have time to rest and relax, even if that means having to schedule it in.
  2. Get outdoors: One thing that Western doctors and alternative medicine doctors can agree on is that getting outdoors and connecting with nature contributes to our long-term health, happiness and wellbeing in a very big way. A walk in the woods is not only soothing for the mind, it’s great exercise and it stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is responsible for combatting stress and anxiety. Calmer teenagers are happier and more resilient with great thanks to a regular dose of sunshine and fresh air!
  3. Limit screen time: Teenagers are well known for being glued to their devices. Whilst this kind of connectivity most certainly has its benefits, like everything, a balance must be struck and time away from technology is an important hard line to draw. You can start by setting a “phones down” over dinner rule, or by limiting device usage to one at time.
  4. Encourage a healthy diet: Our gut microbiome is fuelled by a healthy, vegetable-rich diet, and studies have shown a direct link between the gut and the brain. That means that healthy eating habits lead to more energetic, positive and resilient teenagers (and adults!). Establishing a healthy diet early on serves your teenager’s immediate wellbeing and it creates a positive relationship with food and healthy living well into adulthood.
  5. Create connection: Us humans are a social species and, as Covid-19 lockdowns have proven, our mental health is heavily reliant on human connection. One of the easiest ways to cultivate teenage positivity and resilience is to schedule in social time with friends and family. If that’s not possible, you can still create connection within your household by having your meals together or enjoying activities and outings as a family.

The teenage years are a pivotal time to create good habits that encourage health, positivity and resilience that will carry kids through challenging situations with grace and ease both now and well into their adult years.

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