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7th July 2020

Transition From Primary to Secondary School – Poem By Harry Mitchell

June is almost here, the end of school year. 8 years in primary, I was finally cool. Going into secondary I was nervous as hell, and what was ahead of me, nobody could tell.

You will miss your teacher that taught you, But there will be many other teachers that are new. Your friends might not go to the school you go, but there will be lots more people you’ll get to know.

I’ve done a year in Secondary, so I know how you feel, but after the first few days the craic is unreal. There will be many things in Secondary school to do, which mightn’t have been available in Primary for you.

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The objective of the workshop is to enable students to begin to take ownership of their personal wellbeing and resilience through identifying stressors and establishing a plan for interventions for themselves that they can maintain while they make the school transition and beyond.
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