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Hi, I’m Dorothy Scarry and I will be facilitating the workshops.

I am a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine, Association of Health Promotion Ireland, INTO and Teaching Council. Over the last five years, I have taught fifth and sixth classes and have witnessed the heightened anxiety and worry experienced by both pupils and their parents – when transitioning from primary to secondary school. This September, my eldest child is beginning secondary school so I understand first hand the anxiety experienced.

I will be bringing to the workshops insights from many angles; as a health and wellbeing expert, mum of a sixth class student, a sixth class teacher and as a secondary school teacher who has worked with first year students.
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The objective of the workshop is to enable students to begin to take ownership of their personal wellbeing and resilience through identifying stressors and establishing a plan for interventions for themselves that they can maintain while they make the school transition and beyond.
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