Online School Transitioning Workshops for Class of 2020


Delivering expert Online Wellbeing & Resilience Workshops for students transitioning from primary school to secondary and secondary to college.

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Our online WORKSHOPS

We are experts in school transitioning.  We have moved our evidence-based programme online to continue to facilitate parents and teachers that want to support their 6th class pupils as they school transition into 1st year.

We also support secondary school transitioning to college.  ln a 2004 study 16% of first year college students dropped out of college. 

The School Transitioning, Wellbeing and Me Workshop will look at the elements of wellbeing and each student will be empowered in developing their own resilience skills to help them on their journey into secondary school and third level.


Going to secondary School Online workshop content

  • Workshop is delivered in 2 parts

  • Module 1 My Mind and Me – What is wellbeing.
  • Module 2 Wellbeing Wobbles – What causes them, what they look like and how to solve them.
  • Module 3 Secondary School- First Week Survival Tools.
  • Module 4 Be in Control- Power of positivity and building resilience skills.

Going to college online workshop content

Workshop is delivered in 2 parts

  • Module 1 My Wellbeing-My Mind and me-what is wellbeing?
  • Module 2 Stress- What causes it, what it looks like and how to manage it?
  • Module 3 1st Month in College- First Month Survival Skills.
  • Module 4 Be in Control- Taking responsibility for self-care, digital awareness, boundaries.
  • Module 5 Identifying steps to take in a mental health crisis.
  • Module 6 Personal Wellbeing Plan- Creating an individual, bespoke wellbeing and resilience plan.

Next Step Forward Mission

Our Objective

The objective of the workshop is to enable students to begin to take ownership of their personal wellbeing and resilience through identifying stressors and establishing a plan for interventions for themselves that they can maintain while they make the school transition and beyond. The practical aspects of moving secondary school are also covered in part three of the workshop.



Hi, I’m Dorothy Scarry and I will be facilitating the workshops.

I am a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine, Association of Health Promotion Ireland, INTO and Teaching Council. Over the last five years, I have taught fifth and sixth classes and have witnessed the heightened anxiety and worry experienced by both pupils and their parents – when transitioning from primary to secondary school. This September, my eldest child is beginning secondary school so I understand first hand the anxiety experienced.

I will be bringing to the workshops insights from many angles; as a health and wellbeing expert, mum of a sixth class student, a sixth class teacher and as a secondary school teacher who has worked with first year students. 


What Students and Teachers Say

“I liked the workshop structure. It was a good mix of everything- working together, by ourselves, the videos were very good. I learned how to take care of my own wellbeing”


Sixth Class Student

Patrickswell, Co Limerick.

“It was really creative.  It was a really nice way to learn about wellbeing.  I thought how you did the timetable was good.  It was nice to know that the others were feeling the same as me about going to secondary school”

Sixth Class Student

Athlone, Co Roscommon

“Many thanks Dorothy for your presentation and interactive lessons in our school last week.

The children were really engaged in the workshop and the opportunity to identify and discuss their stresses in life. They seemed to be surprised to learn that so many of them have similar difficulties and we were surprised to learn so many didn’t talk about their worries with others.

It was a great opportunity for the children to open up, identify and discuss their mental well being. A very important topic in today’s world! 

Thank You.

Athlone Teacher

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some the most frequently asked questions about the workshops but if you don’t find what you’re looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help!

Who should attend the workshop?

All students transitioning from sixth class to secondary school or leaving cert to college.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me who is not taking the workshop?

As the workshop is online it is recommended that 6th class students would have a parent/guardian in the room to support them.

Is facilitator Garda vetted

Yes. Facilitator is Garda vetted.

Has facilitator completed Child Protection course?


How long does the online workshop last?

The workshop is 2 hours long. It is delivered as two 60 minute online sessions over 2 days.  This is to take into consideration the digital well-being of pupils attending the workshop.

How many participants on an online workshop?

Online Workshops booked through Eventbrite are capped at 16 attendees. All class sizes will be catered for when schools booking directly through Next Step Forward.

How much does the online workshop cost?

The workshop costs 30 euro for two hours, payable upfront and non refundable – booking fees apply.  Watch our social media platforms for discounts from time to time.

Please Note Special discounted rates will be applied for schools booking directly for their 6th class students.

Is there homework for the student?

Yes, students are encouraged to discuss topics covered in the workshop at home with parents that evening.

How are the topics selected?

Topics covered are in line with the National Primary and Secondary Curriculum and the latest thoughts on resilience and wellbeing.  The transitioning from primary school to secondary school workshops deal with the practical aspects of secondary schools from navigating the lockers to timetables.  The practical aspects of third level are covered in the transitioning from leaving cert workshop where everything from library books to living independently in student accommodation are discussed.

Can the workshops be booked by schools for their classes?

Yes and this is the preferred way for Next Step Forward workshops as pupil participants experience the workshop alongside their classmates. Please contact Next Step Forward through our contact form. Class Teacher/ School Principal are expected to sit on the school based online workshops.  Schools can select the interactive Zoom Pro option or the passive Zoom Webinar for their 6th class or Leaving Certs depending on their school’s policies.


Advice & Updates

Parent Advice For Children Starting Secondary School

Organisation Support your child in creating the habit of getting organised for school the evening before. Remind your child to check their timetable for the following day, pack their school bag and lay out their uniform if necessary. Practical subjects may require...

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